Domestic Students

Earning Your License

OCFC’S Part 141 flight training program is designed for students that are able to fly full time which is a minimum of three days a week and five hours a day per day.  For those students requiring scheduling accommodations due to other commitments such as employment or university education, OCFC offers training under Part 61 instruction which permits a flexible schedule and also extends estimated program completion times.  Furthermore, all Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) must have met the requirements of the 1500 -hour rule which means that an ATP student must have logged 1,500 hours in order to fly for a passenger or cargo airlines.

Flight Training Sequence

The following sequence of training program is required to be eligible, qualified and/or become a professional pilot for a commercial airline:

  1. Private Pilot License.
  2. Instrument Pilot Rating.
  3. Commercial Pilot License Single-Engine
  4. Certified Flight Instructor
  5. Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Program.
  6. Upon completion of training programs 1 through 5 above you will be eligible to be hired and get paid to instruct and build flight time to 1,500 hours requirement at OCFC. OCFC guarantees such employment to eligible OCFC standardized candidates. This program
    provides an opportunity and enables a domestic student to earn and recoup all flight training costs incurred by a student.
  7. Commercial Pilot License Multi-Engine Program
  8. Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Rating Program.
  9. Qualify to be hired as a Commercial Airline Pilot.

Enrollment Eligibility

To be considered for enrollment at OCFC, all domestic students must meet basic requirements as follows:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old to solo and 17 years of age to obtain your Private Pilot’s license;
  2. You must be a US citizen or be TSA approved.
  3. You must be proficient in the English language.
  4. You must be able to pay the requisite fees up to $2500.00 at a time and in advance for aircraft rental and the flight training.
  5. You must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.

The Enrollment Process

Step 1:

Evaluate your eligibility and ability to finance your training to completion.

Step 2:

Download, Print the OCFC Domestic Student Enrollment Application Form.

Step 3:

Complete the OCFC Domestic Student Enrollment Application Form and attach the following documents/fees:

  1. Application and processing fee of $250.00.
  2. A copy of valid US passport OR A copy of a valid foreign passport and Permanent resident card and/or evidence of non-immigrant visa with authorization to live, work and stay in the United States and be TSA approved.
  3. Establish your ability to read, write and speak English.
  4. Be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.

Step 4:

Select your training program, choose financing options and pay requisite fees with an option to pay with a credit card on file or financing approved to complete your training program.

Step 5:

Attend a student orientation conducted by OCFC staff in person or via Skype.

Step 6:

Commence your training program any time beginning first of every month.

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