Cessna 172SP – G1000 – N1129K

Model:172S - G1000
Registration Number:N1129K
Serial Number:172S10315
Exterior:White with custom color changing accents
Interior:Tan leather interior
Aircraft Type for Flight Plan:C172/G, if database is current within 28 days.
C172/U, if database is not current.
Color:White with red, grey, and brown trim.
Aircraft flight manual issuance date:Rev. 3 (12/22/2005)
NAV/COM1: G1000
2: G1000
Marker Beacon and Glideslope receivers:Yes
GPS:1: G1000
2: G1000
Transponder, Mode C:Yes
Digital Timer:`G1000
Autopilot:KAP 140 with Altitude Hold
Electric Trim:Yes
Intercom System Outlets:Yes
CD Player:No
Air Conditioning:No
Special Equipment:None
Max Gross Weight - Takeoff:2,550 lbs
Max Gross Weight - Landing:2,550 lbs
Basic Empty Weight:1,757.1 lbs
Empty CG:41.662 inches
Empty Moment:73,204 in-lbs
Baggage:Max forward baggage: 120 lbs
Max Aft Baggage: 50 lbs
Max Combined: 120 lbs
Useable Fuel - Full Tanks:53 gallons
Usable Fuel - Tabs:35 gallons
Payload - Full Full:474.9 lbs
Payload - Tabs:582.9 lbs
Standard Rate:$182.50 USD
Block Rate:$164.75 USD
NotesThe airplane lfight manual is the final authority for weight and balance information. The pilot in command must ensure that the above information is correct.