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About OCFC

Mission Statement

OCFC’s mission is to provide safe and high quality, flight instruction in well maintained aircraft and to provide the tools and systems for instructors and students alike and maintain a standard of excellence.  OCFC fosters a positive and collaborative culture effectuating a learning experience for all and constantly adapting training needs of all students.

What We Do

Orange County Flight Center, is a premier flight school situated in one of the best flight training environments in the United States and located at John Wayne Airport Campus, California and has been a home to aviation enthusiasts and pilots alike since 1981. At OCFC excellence is a standard and flight safety comes first, within a joyous environment bringing fun of each and every flying experience.  OCFC offers a non-stop flight to success. Our goal is a simple one, to create safe, well trained professional pilots in the industry and to provide our students with a seamless and rapid start to a career in aviation. Whether it be a career in aviation or to experience the challenge and adventure of flight OCFC is the place to become a safe and competent pilot. OCFC is nationally recognized as a great place to learn to fly and receive professional flight training and instruction.  OCFC strives to provide exceptional customer service, a friendly atmosphere, and provides most affordable flight lessons in California.  We welcome all to stop by at OCFC and meet with our friendly staff and walk through our facility.

Whether or not you have had any flight training, OCFC will train both domestic and international students regardless of your flight experience.  Your aviation goal, recreational or career training, OCFC’s flight training is designed to fulfill and fit your individual needs. Simply stated, as a Part 61 and Part 141 flight school, OCFC meets the requirements of a Federal Aviation Administration.

OCFC offers a variety of licensing options including Private, Instrument, Commercial in Single Engine and Multi-Engine aircraft and Certified flight instructor training.  Our accelerated and heavily discounted flight school programs can take a student from zero experience to a paid airline pilot in less than two years. Our flight training programs are set in a casual setting that model a “hands-on” approach, ensuring that all students receive the knowledge that is required to be a safe and competent aviator.  Flight lessons at OCFC are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At OCFC, a student will master GPS equipped aircraft, glass panel aircraft, single engine and multi engine aircraft.  OCFC is also equipped with simulator technology available from Redbird and Frasca.  Training at OCFC provides a student with the highest level of flight experience that airlines and corporate flight departments look for in a resume.California and John Wayne Airport offers one of the best commercial flight training environments in the world.  Fantastic weather and sunshine give our pilots mor safe and consistent flying days where neither summer nor winter seem as hot or cold as other hostile flight environment elsewhere.Flying at John Wayne Airport, located in Orange County, California is unique, exhilarating and rewarding.

The Benefits of Flight Training at OCFC

  • Safer Operations: Earning and maintaining an FAA certification requires exceptional performance at every level of the school, which enhances overall safety.  From the school’s leadership down to its dispatchers, employees are religiously moni9toring safety-related processes to ensure that the operation remains fully in compliance with its own FAA-approved operational procedures, which are in excess of the basic rules published by 15 CFR 61 or 14 CFR 141.
  • Quicker Completion: The FAA recognizes that the process results in superior pilots with less total flight time, and therefore lowers the minimum requirements for ach of the approved programs.
  • Lower expenses: Completing a Commercial Pilot certification in 182 flight hours compared to 250 hours required under Part 61 training saves considerable amount of money to a prospective student.
  • Tuition Assistance availability: Part 141 programs are eligible for scholarships, loans and VA benefits.
  • College Credit: Part 141 programs can be combined with collegiate programs to earn college credits for ground school and flight training, and to reduce the federal minimum flight hour requirement for airline pilots (Restricted ATP) in some cases.
  • Greater Efficiency: Due to tighter course structure and specific plan for each lesson there is no wasted flight time. The end of stage and end of course check rides ensure that students know at all times how they are progressing.  Learning gaps can be remedied before sending students to the FAA practical test.
  • Greater employability: Not only do Part 141 schools hire almost exclusively those with a Part 141 background, but many flight operations appreciate the discipline and rigor of such an experience, which gives graduates of OCFC a competitive edge.



OCFC is an FAA Designated Computer Testing Center and has been certified to administer FAA knowledge tests.  OCFC is where its students and other students and pilots come to take their FAA written tests, as well as many other exams.

OCFC works closely with a testing company called PSI.  Students schedule their tests and obtain test center information over the telephone  (844)704-1487  or email: examschedule@psionline.com  with PSI, which then send the exam to OCFC.  Examinees show up at OCFC and take their test.

Where Excellence is Standard and Flight Safety Comes First!