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OCFC lets you soar with the best flight-training program in the industry. From basic aerodynamics to your Private Pilot’s License – all the way through your professional Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating, the experienced instructors at OCFC let you take the stick on your introductory Demo Flight. 

A Part 141 Flight Training School

The Best Flight-Training Program in The Industry

For Domestic and International Students

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Better pilots learn right from the start. Our General Aviation runway allows training right there with the airliners. Learn to fly at Orange County Airport and you’ll have experience and confidence to fly into any airport.

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Flight Courses for

International Students

Aviation experts around the globe now see a worldwide shortage of professional pilots, beginning around 2013, due to the culmination of retiring pilots, airline expansion, and a dwindling pilot pool due to the restrictive cost or training. The major airlines have not addressed the problem publicly, but they will be scrambling to fill the void left by retirees and general attrition of these prestigious positions.

OCFC will help with all the necessary documents required for international students to take flight including temporary living arrangements.

For All Experience Levels
Flight courses From basic aerodynamics to your Private Pilot’s License – all the way through your Professional Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating. 

Orange County’s #1 Flight Training Program
Orange County Flight Center is an FAA Part 141 flight training school at John Wayne | Orange County Airport (KSNA).

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385+ OCFC Students Working for Airlines
Our training programs ensure that students gain not only the proper skills, but in-depth flight knowledge.

Certified Flight Instructors
Our Flight Instructors have years of industry knowledge and flying experience which they use to train new generations of pilots.

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