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FAA Medical Express for Pilots

Other than recreational private pilot license to fly light sport aircraft, applicants training for a Private Pilot Certificate only, will need an FAA 3rd class Medical. Applicants enrolling in the Commercial Pilot Course or any of the Professional Pilot courses will need an FAA 1st class medical.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s MedXPress system allows anyone requiring an FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate to electronically complete their medical application (FAA Form 8500-8). To create an account, go to MedXPress which is located at: https://medxpress.faa.gov/. Information entered into MedXPress will be available to your aviation medical examiner (AME) to review prior to and at the time of your medical examination. You can find an AME near you at http://faa.gov/pilots/amelocator. Once you have found an AME you can complete the initial portion of the application at https://medxpress.faa.gov/.

After submitting the electronic application form, you have 60 days in which to schedule and take a physical examination with your Aviation medical Examiner (AME). When your AME imports your application using your confirmation number and saves it in the FAA’s medical certification system, the application is considered a permanent record.

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