Ground School

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Passing the FAA Exams

Your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at OCFC will ensure you’ve got the knowledge to pass your FAA written and practical (flying) exams with ground school sessions before and after your flights. But it’s up to you to learn and study the materials at your own pace.

Most people are busy with multiple commitments. OCFC finds most of our students prefer a self-paced computer-based training program.

Orange Coast College

Orange County Flight Center is the “Flight Lab” for Orange Coast College aviation courses, including classroom ground school. OCC students can obtain an Associate degree in Aviation Science from Orange Coast College. OCC’s program prepares students to become professional pilots or flight operations specialists. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students and is designed for students without any flying experience.

OCFC and Orange Coast College use the simple and effective ground training methods of author & pilot Rod Machado. 

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Cessna Flight Training

 The Cessna pilot course is an all-new scenario-based flight training course, developed exclusively for Cessna by the experts at King Schools. The web-based courses provide everything you need to obtain your pilot licenses and certificates. It’s been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embrace your future in aviation. 

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