Flight Instructor Certificate

Earning Your Certificate

The Certified Flight Instructor Certificate allows the pilot to teach Private and Commercial students and give biennial flight reviews.

It is a monumental change in the pilots knowledge and responsibilities. Considerable time is spent during ground instruction on subjects such as principles of flight, navigation and flight planning, regulations, aircraft system operations, etc.

While piloting procedures, technical subjects and instructing techniques can be taught, communications with the students from your command position while keeping the aircraft upright, sometimes presents new challenges.

The course, based on 2-3 sessions per week, is normally about 2 ½ months.

The FAA Requirements

  • No minimum flight time requirements
  • 18 years of age
  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Instrument rating

Flight Training Sequence

  1. Fundamentals of instruction
  2. Teaching technical subjects
  3. Teaching flight maneuvers and procedures
  4. Review for the two FAA written tests
  5. Review for the FAA checkride

How Much Does it Cost?


*Now hold on a moment… that price is using FAA’s absolute minimum training with our current rates. This quote would consider your ability to learn and fly is 100% perfect in every way.

Few students complete their training at the FAA minimum hours. Your hours will vary based on your skills, frequency of flight and effort in studying the materials.

Shot of instructor and student
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