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FAA Approved Testing Center

OCFC is an official Airman Certificate Testing Service (ACTS) center.

Pilots and flight instructors for all aircraft categories, mechanics, dispatchers, and parachute riggers who seek FAA certification must pass FAA written tests. Those tests can be administered at Orange County Flight Center’s modern, computerized testing center located in our main facility and open during normal business hours.

OCFC is your Testing Facility and your flight instructor or dispatch desk will help with the paperwork to submit for testing. The actual testing is administered remotely by PSI Services after background and address verification via the PSI website. Once you’ve satisfied the requirements, the test is taken on a computer in our state-of-the-art testing facility at Orange County Airport.

FAA Part 107 Drone Testing

The FAA Part 107 knowledge test is an important step mandated by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) before a commercial drone pilot can operate a drone with a remote pilot certificate.

The “drone license” is a Part 107 remote pilot certificate. It is required for drone pilots who wish to engage in commercial drone operations. Commercial drone operations are done to make money or to further a business (such as professional drone photography, constructions surveys, land surveillance, etc).

Before you the test, you will have to make an appointment with Computer Assisted Training Service (see contact information above).

Make sure to satisfy the basic requirements when you sign up: you will need to be at least 16 years of age, be able to read, write, speak, and understand English, and you must have a valid government-issued ID which bears you name, photo, birthday, address, and signature. You will also need pay the fee. You must take and pass the knowledge test in FAA-authorized testing center to be compliant with the Part 107 regulations.

OCFC provides this testing environment. 

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