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OCFC Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Rental Requirements

You must meet the following criteria to rent with OCFC:

  • Minimum Private Pilot License. (Student Pilots under the direction of an OCFC Instructor.)
  • Possess a current Pilot certificate.
  • Possess a current Medical Certificate.
  • Have a current Flight Review endorsement on file.
  • Complete an aircraft checkout with an OCFC Instructor.
  • A night currency checkout with an OCFC Instructor is required for any night operation.
  • A lapse of 90 days since flying an OCFC aircraft requires an additional flight with an OCFC Instructor.
  • An instrument currency/proficiency check with an OCFC Instructor is required for flights in IFR conditions.
  • A Catalina and Big Bear checkout with an OCFC Instructor is required for pilots who want to fly to these destinations.
  • Must have aircraft rental insurance.
  • Must complete OCFC Rental Agreement.

Cancellations / Minimums

Cancellations not received at least 24 hours in advance will be assessed half of the minimum time requirements. Minimums for overnight rental: 2 hours flight time per day/ weekdays, 3 hours flight time per day/ weekends. Minimums also apply for scheduling an aircraft 8 hours or more per day.

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