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Private Pilot License

Earning Your Certificate

Earning the Private Pilot Certificate is a lifetime accomplishment. This certificate never expires, and together with a completed flight review every 24 months — a minimum two-hour review of your knowledge and skills with the flight instructor of your choice, you are qualified to fly an airplane, day or night, in good weather.

You must be at least 17 years old and possess a current 3rd Class FAA medical certificate.

The course, based on two or three sessions per week, takes about six months.

FAA Requirements

  • Minimum 40 hours (hrs.) total flight time
  • The national average is 65 to 75 hrs
  • 20 hrs. of dual flight time (with an instructor)
    • 3 hrs. of cross-country flight training
    • 3 hrs. at night with 10 takeoffs and landings
    • 100 nautical mile (nm.) night cross-country flight
    • 3 hrs. of instrument training
    • 3 hrs. preparing for the FAA checkride
  • 10 hrs. of solo flight time (without an instructor)
  • 5 hrs. of cross-country flying
  • 150 nm. cross-country flight

Flight Training Sequence

  1. Pre-solo
  2. Solo (an experience you’ll never forget!)
  3. Advanced maneuvers and cross-country flying
  4. Solo cross-country flight
  5. Instrument and night flying
  6. 150 nm. cross-country flight
  7. Review for the FAA written test
  8. Review for the FAA checkride

It’s Easy!

Step 1.

Submit the Online Enrollment Application Form

Step 2.

Pay $250 Application Processing Fee

Step 3.

Schedule Your Demo Flight & Enrollment!

Program application fee includes a FREE Demo Flight!

How much does it cost?


*Now hold on a moment… that price is using FAA’s absolute minimum training with our current rates. This quote would consider your ability to learn and fly is 100% perfect in every way. Now let’s talk real-life numbers.

The FAA posts a national average of 65 to 75 flight hours to become a private pilot, which is 24 hours higher than the required hours. That brings your training to an estimated  $19,288.58

Few students complete their training at the FAA minimum hours. Your hours will vary based on your skills, frequency of flight and effort in studying the materials.

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