Accommodation & Transportation

Accommodation and Transportation while Attending any Flight Training Program at 'OCFC' in the Unites States

Upon request, transportation, accommodation can be arranged for full-time domestic and non-domestic or international students undergoing flight training at OCFC. Upon arrival into the United States and completing your registration formalities at OCFC, designated staff members will assist you with arranging for travel and housing close to your training site and airport.

Students may make their own arrangements for transportation, lodging and boarding during their training at OCFC. Upon request, OCFC will arrange for transportation and/or accommodation to individual student at the rate of $750.00 to $1,200.00 per month in a residential complex that may provide a swimming pool. Student may also opt to rent a sharing or non-sharing-independent single bedroom apartment.

Living accommodations arranged by OCFC are usually two-bedroom apartment which accommodates two students per room for a total of four students in each apartment.  All lodgings are fully furnished with bedding, microwave, stove, refrigerator, television, wireless internet and furniture. Students share the common areas, including kitchen (dishes, cookware etc), dining room and living room.

Student will need to enter into a transportation and/or rental agreement and pay rent at the beginning of every month during their stay which becomes due on the first and late on the tenth.  Transportation charges and/or Rent may be payable in checks, cash or credit cards.

Fully Furnished 2BD/2BA Apartments In Orange County/California

# of Tenants Room sharing Monthly Cost
1 n/a $3,200.00
2 Yes $1,600.00
3 Yes $1,100.00
4 Yes $850.00
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