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Accelerated Commercial Airline Pilot Flight Training

Complete the Program in as little as 8-12 Months!

Choose Orange County Flight Center (OCFC) for a fast-track path to a rewarding career as a Commercial Airline Pilot in 8-12 months.

Lowest Cost Flight Training in the Industry!

Don’t pay more for the exact same training. The OCFC program is $31,000 less expensive than similar programs. Payment options available.

Everything Is Included!

The OCFC Accelerated Flight Training program covers everything you need to become a Commercial Airline Pilot, including:

  1. Private Pilot License
  2. Instrument Pilot Rating
  3. Commercial Pilot License Single-Engine
  4. Certified Flight Instructor
  5. Qualify to be hired as a Commercial Airline Pilot
  6. Earn up to $40,000 at a Flight Instructor

Receive FREE & Discounted Accommodation!

At OCFC, we help you to succeed with Accommodation Benefits at our locations in Oklahoma & California. See below for more information.

Become A Commercial Airline Pilot.


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Questions about the Accelerated Commercial Pilot Flight Training Program

Program application fee includes a FREE Demo Flight!

Total Cost to Train to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot


The OCFC program cost is based on OCFC’s FAA approved Part 141 Syllabus.

Commercial Airline Pilot Pricing Options

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The Enrollment Process

Admission to OCFC is open 12 months a year with flight training for new students commencing on the first of every month. OCFC flight training hours are between 8am through 8pm every day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Students may enroll at any time and choose various financing options available to domestic students, including pay as you go, accelerated and discounted fee program.

Step 1:
Evaluate your eligibility and ability to finance your training to completion.

Step 3:
Attach the following documents:
    • A copy of valid US passport OR A copy of a valid foreign passport and Permanent resident card and/or evidence of non-immigrant visa with authorization to live, work and stay in the United States and be TSA approved.
    • Establish your ability to read, write and speak English.
    • Be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.

Step 4:
Pay Application and processing fee of $250.00.

Step 5:
Select your training program, choose financing options and pay requisite fees with an option to pay with a credit card on file or financing approved to complete your training program.
Step 6:

Attend a student orientation conducted by OCFC staff in person or via Skype.
Step 7:

Commence your training program any time beginning first of every month.

Training Programs:

  1. Private Pilot License
  2. Instrument Pilot Rating
  3. Commercial Pilot License Single-Engine
  4. Certified Flight Instructor
  5. Qualify to be hired be hired as a Commercial Airline Pilot

* Upon completion of training programs 1 through 5 above you will be eligible to be hired and get paid to instruct and build flight time to 1,500 hours requirement at OCFC. OCFC guarantees such employment to eligible OCFC standardized domestic candidates.


    • You must be at least 16 years old to solo.
    • You must be 17 years of age to obtain your Private Pilot’s license.
    • You must be a US citizen or be TSA approved.
    • You must be proficient in the English language.
    • You must be able to pay the requisite fees up to $2500.00 at a time and in advance for aircraft rental and flight training.
    • You must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.

Please Note:

In order for any student to avail of any discounts and discount credit offered, their account should be in good standing at all times, which means that the student account cannot have a negative balance at any time during the training period. 

All education discounts are credited to individual accounts based upon fees actually paid and spent at the completion of 40 hours of training only.  Furthermore, any discount offered by OCFC, whether written or verbal, is not an obligation but at the sole discretion of OCFC.

OCFC Resources

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FAA Part 141 Requirements

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Part 141 requirements.

FAA Part 61 Requirements

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Part 61 requirements.

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