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Finance Your Flight Training!

Incredible Savings!

Becoming a pilot is your dream, but the cost of flight training can make it feel like that dream is out of reach. But we’re here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be that way. OCFC is proudly partnered with Stratus Financial to offer affordable flight training financing, where you may apply for a loan to cover some or ALL of the costs involved in participating in an OCFC flight training program.

Stratus Financial offers exceptional lending packages:

  • The best rate to go from zero to hero.
  • Full financing for your entire flight training and more;
  • Affordable payment options, including deferment for 12 months while the student completes flight training and find a job;
  • Ability to pay off a loan at any time without consequences or penalties.

It’s Easy!

Step 1. Submit your Stratus Loan Application
Step 2. Submit your OCFC Enrollment Application Form
Step 3. Pay Applicable Program Application Fee
Step 4. Schedule Your Flight Training!

Program application fee includes a FREE Demo Flight!


Please note in light of 100% refundability of fees paid to unapplied/unutilized/unused financed funds in case of a student dropout for good cause Rate Sheet ‘A’ applies strictly.

Financed students may participate in Bulk rate and discounted rate, only under one condition that funds financed and deposited will be flown off completely and programs completed. No refunds will be made on unapplied or unused funds which will be forfeited.

Stratus Financial

Whether it’s financing your dream of flying or simplifying the process by taking care of your student loans, Stratus Financial efficient, hassle-free funding can connect you to the life of your dreams of becoming a professional pilot sooner than you ever thought possible. And because Stratus Financial know every situation is unique, they offer multiple options for funding, so you can choose what makes sense for you.


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